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Lunch & Snacks

Campers bring their own snacks and lunches daily. We will have a morning snack period and a break for lunch everyday. Refrigerators and microwaves are not available at camp.

We encourage each camper to bring a full water bottle each day.

Please be aware that some campers may have allergies to peanut or tree nut products, so no food or snack sharing will be allowed.

Parents with children with  food allergies must notify staff on the first day of camp.  A peanut-free and/or allergy-free lunch/snack table will be made available upon request.  We can also allow for empty seats next to campers if requested. Please note that while our staff will make every effort to accommodate each camper's needs, parents should be aware that our goal is to reduce risk and reduce exposure. Unfortunately,  it is not possible to remove all risk and all exposure. 


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