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Helping young adults and teens see beyond the present is a challenge, especially when there are so many things to spend money on today. This camp challenges students to think beyond their immediate horizon and explore long-term savings. Students analyze how thinking long-term makes a real impact with their money, helping them see the power of saving now for things they may need or want later. Students will also:

  • Embark on real-world applications of how to increase savings and calculate compound interest

  • Explore how banks, the stock market, and credit scores work

  • Assess how much car they can afford, issues of maintenance and insurance, and evaluating whether financing options such as loans and leases are appropriate to their situations

Because financial decision making rarely happens in isolation, understanding the broad contexts of the economy is a critical component of building a well-rounded financial perspective. Students will learn about inflation, monetary and fiscal policy and why it is important to pay attention to national economic conditions.

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