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financial literacy saving money summer camp


This camp introduces campers to real world financial issues through mature, yet fun and age appropriate, discussions and activities.  We will engage students in income-earning research as they explore career opportunities, and investigate how education and training increase their future earning power.  We will also:

  • Explore how finances are affected by recessions, depressions, and retirement 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of effective savings

  • Investment growth/losses and related reward/risk through the development and tracking of a stock portfolio

  • The role of needs and wants in decision making combined with the influence of TV and online marketing and advertising.

Using student-centered learning, the camp's focal point will be on the learners, their goals, and strategically building financial decision making skills that will become an important part of their financial toolbox.

Our goal is to increase our campers' exposure to financial literacy and encourage them to seek out future opportunities where they can apply their new knowledge and prepare themselves to live financially-sound lives.

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